Customer Testimonials

I want to share my journey battling mercury toxicity, a problem I never knew was holding me back. As a homeschooling mom of 4, I always attributed my fatigue and brain fog to the demands of motherhood. However, a visit to our naturopath last June revealed the shocking truth – I had sky-high mercury levels, making me the worst case she had ever seen. In addition, I discovered I was severely anemic, a result of toxic iron levels in my body. It was clear that heavy metal toxicity was taking a toll on my health. With the guidance of natural supplements from our naturopath and the powerful combination of TRS and Fulvic, I embarked on a detox journey. I was told that eliminating mercury toxicity would be a long process, but with consistent use of TRS and Fulvic, I achieved a mercury-free status in just 8 weeks. My toxic iron was replaced with a healthy, non-toxic form. This transformation has been life-changing, and I'm excited to see more fantastic results on this healing journey. If you're dealing with health issues and suspect heavy metal toxicity might be the culprit, consider TRS and Fulvic – they made all the difference for me.

Lesly. J

My son is almost 9. He has autism and is nonverbal. We have been using TRS almost 2 months now. So far I have noticed: - He’s been trying to verbalize a lot mor . - He is wanting more attention, he used to stay on the opposite side of the house away from everyone. - He is sleeping through the night now. He used to sleep maybe 1 hr total a night for months. - He can get a haircut without stressing the whole time, he actually laughs now. By far the biggest thing that has changed is that he is so happy and smiles and laughs all the time! This is my favourite seeing him smile Prayers to everyone on your journey!! I will recommend TRS to anyone and everyone.

Britt. B

I wanted to share our experience with TRS for any parents out there that may be considering TRS for their child/ren, and may be sceptical. Please feel free to ask any questions. I started my 6 year old son on TRS after seeing the wonders it did for a friends non verbal, 4 year old who is now fully verbal without issue. There had been concerns raised by my sons school about his behaviours, and I’ve always had a concern that something wasn’t right with him. At the time my son had some very quirky behaviours, he was humming constantly, making strange noises, fingers in his mouth constantly that turned into his whole hand in his mouth - constantly. I also noticed his fingers were always intertwined with each other and his hands were in a claw like posture. He was quick to anger and was unreasonable. His school hinted at autism/ADHD and called him twice exceptional as academically he is quite advanced. We sought out an amazing psychologist to conduct an assessment for ADHD that resulted as inconclusive- no ADHD however concerns still remained. At the same time as commencing with the psychologist we started TRS and I had told her about it. Within about 4-6 weeks we saw significant change in his behaviour, he calmed right down. The hand in mouth subsided- he does nail bite however I find this more acceptable than a whole hand in his mouth, the humming reduced by about 90%, he was a lot more rational and not so quick to anger, his overall sensory seeking had reduced significantly. The most amazing feedback I received from his psychologist after that first 4-6 weeks of using TRS “are you still detoxing with TRS?” I told her we are and she commented saying that he is a different child and to keep going! She was amazed. We continued for 6 months and then took a break, after a few weeks without it I noticed his behaviour started to revert! We did a month break and started up again only to find more progress. It has been a year, after detoxing and seeing a naturopath my sons issues are not there anymore and we check in with the psych as needed and just to stay on track. We do maintenance now of 1-2 sprays a day. Although my sons symptoms were quite mild and could have attracted a level 1 ASD diagnosis, we can now say that those symptoms are no longer relevant and he is coasting through. In terms of side effects, we didn’t observe any negative change. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Kristy. B

I have been using TRS for around 6-7 years.

Here's what it's done for our family, the reason I have also referred so many people to this product, and I'm always talking about it in my parenting community, especially for kids who have ADHD, ASD, sensory processing, and regular emotional meltdowns. 

Here's our story...

At the time I found this product, my daughter had just come out of hospital for the second time with life threatening asthma attacks (injury caused 100% by 🥕, and even agreed on by our GP at the time - I only ever 🥕 until 6 months old... She had her first attack not long after and I've never ever ever jabbed any of my kids again. But even still, our lives have been left with the effects of these injuries... 10 sets of grommets in 11 years 😭 and asthma).
Since using TRS my daughter has NEVER been back to hospital again and has NEVER had a single asthma attack. She would sometimes gets a bit weasy, but most the time it would settle instantly by sniffing Easy Air, an essential oil. She barely even used her Ventolin as this would work better and faster anyway, without any side effects.
Today, 6 years on, she still only uses Ventolin sometimes, and any time her asthma flares up, I give her another bottle of TRS and it's gone! We never have to use preventer medication anymore, to which used to run havoc on her body and give her many side effects.

DAUGHTER No. 2 - ADHD (not diagnosed, but has many of the signs and symptoms) 
If I had ever got her tested, there's no question doctors would have loved to diagnose My middle daughter with ADHD. I have a background as an exercise physiologist, and know a fair bit about the body. I know ADHD is 99% food related... And heavy metal toxin related. 
Any time my daughter starts displaying more of her ADHD symptoms, even as small as agitation, forgetfulness etc, she goes back on TRS and within 48hrs it's gone! She's 14 now and totally manages herself, and notices when she's starting to feel "edgy", and she goes straight for get blue bottle again. 

MY STEP SON - Autism (7 years old) 
Again, he doesn't have an official diagnosis, although now that he's at school his parents and teachers are looking into it and he's in the process. 
I work in Conscious Parenting, I've worked with thousands of families over the years, including sooooo many with ASD children and I know for sure my step son is somewhere on the spectrum. 
Long story short, my partner was from a family who are deeply immersed in pharmaceutical industry, with medical backgrounds etc... And because of that my partner never believed in anything natural. 
When his son went to school, it was very clear to see how much he struggles academically. The school told them early this year that his son is about 2 years behind for his age. 
I eventually convinced him to put his son on TRS. So he did. Within ONE MONTH there was a massive change in him... He started writing his name, everyone else's names in the family, his reading level went up 5 levels (from not even being able to read books where only one word changes on each page.... To reading books where every word is different and the sentences are 3 times as long. Paragraphs instead of 5 words per page!) 
His maths is now out of this world! He literally has one of those gifted maths brains (maybe even Asperger's?) Where he can seriously do maths in his head better than my 15 year old) 
In addition, before TRS he was scared of life! He wouldn't climb on playgrounds, wouldn't go down little slides that even 2 year Olds could go down, scared to walk across bridges, would never ever ever try new things, had no coordination (couldn't even ride his scooter) etc etc. 
3 months later, all these things are 90% gone! He rides his scooter super fast, he climbs on most things at a playground, and even his fussy fussy fussy eating has hugely improved (he's still a fussy eater, but he now eats at least 10 healthy foods he would never touch before). 
Also, socially he has changed so so much! He used to be very anti social, with no skills at all on how to make new friends (he was an exact example of a typical ASD kid in this regard). Again, he's still not all the way there, but it's only been a few months and now he engages with other kids so much more. He's made great friends at school, and he plays with new kids who come to our house (my friends kids), where he used to just hide in his bedroom whole visitors were over. 
He has also had bowel issues most of his life, and had been seeing a specialist. His mum makes this harder because she feeds him McDonald's, KFC and hungry jacks every second day he's with her (not even joking, no exaggeration 😭). This was another reason I encouraged my partner to get him on TRS. We can't control what she does with him, but we can detox all that shit out of his little body! 
Since using TRS his bowels have massively improved! He used to go in his pants multiple times a day, every day. When we would pick him up from school, he always smelled, and we were worried other kids would start to pick up on it and he would be bullied. Now, 3-4 months later, he'll go 2-3 weeks without a single accident, and even when he does have an accident, it's pretty much a once off. 

I've referred at least 30-40 people who now use TRS and I have so many stories I could share, from adults to children and everywhere in between... 
One of my favorites is a 2yr old who was completely non verbal (with two older siblings who are both ASD and ADHD)... he was diagnosed by doctors with severe developmental delays and referred to all types of therapies. Speech, OT, etc etc 
I told his mum to stop 🥕🥕 and get him on TRS (this little boy was born without an anus, and had serious bowel issues that needed multiple surgeries over his first 2 years of life. Because of that, he has had multiple anaesthetics, antibiotics, medications etc etc, plus vaccinations including being breast fed while his mum was forced to take the C jab to save her job, and he had a reaction to that). So I knew his body would be so overloaded with heavy metals and every other toxin you could think of. I had some great conversations with his mum, and she was very open to looking for new answers. 
Long story short, she got him on TRS. Within 4 weeks he had a 26 word vocabulary. Within 6 weeks he had a 54 word vocabulary, and now, 4 months later he is a completely normal 2.5 year old. There is NO developmental delay in him whatsoever. His mum is a teacher, and has used her skills to help his cognitive development also, and honestly, if you saw this kid, you would believe he was the same child from 6 months ago. 
I could go on and on and on.... But I won't 😬 

These days, we keep my daughter with asthma, my daughter with ADHD, and my step son on TRS fairly permanently... My daughters come off it, but go straight back on it if any symptoms pop up. 
But once a year, the rest of us also take one bottle each (my partner, myself and my eldest daughter) just for good health. 
I can't recommend this highly enough. There's nothing out there that you'll find so convenient (literally takes 3 seconds to take), so easy to use (tastes like nothing so you can hide it in water bottles easily for kids), and so effective! 
I hope our story inspires someone out there to stop "thinking" about it, and just commit to it. 
You will be so thankful you did!

Holly N